Wychwood Aunt Sally League Sponsored by Loddon Brewery
Wychwood Aunt Sally LeagueSponsored by Loddon Brewery 

League & Cup Rules

    Rules as Issued April 2017
1.   Entrance and Match fees are £50.00 for the season and responsibility for payment rests with the Captain. This must be paid to the League at the commencement of the season when making an application to join the League. Entry to the League includes entry to the Team Knock Out Competition and Supplementary Knock Out Competition. Maximum of two teams per venue.
2.   League Games shall consist of five legs and played 6-a-side each leg from a playing squad of up to 9 for each game. A different team of 6 can be nominated for each leg each player can play from 1 to 5 legs. Two points for winning a leg and one point each for drawing a leg. Three sticks and one stick are only required in Cup Competitions to decide a winner. The winner of each division shall be the team with the highest number of points. If the scores are level a play off will decide the winner. The average score of an individual player over each game will count towards top doll scorer but they must throw a minimum of three legs in a game to count towards top doll.
3.   The time for starting all matches is 8.30 p.m. Any team not at the venue by 8.45 p.m. will forfeit the first leg. In the event of a full team not being present the match shall start and any players arriving late may take their throw in the remaining legs. If any team is not at their venue and ready to start by 9.00 p.m. the match will be awarded to their opponents. Matches can only be postponed through the Secretary on 48 hours notice. All postponed league matches shall be played within two weeks of the cancellation. Any outstanding cup match shall be played before the date of the next round of the competition. See rules 14 & 15. Re-arranged dates for the postponed matches must be at the convenience of the team that did not seek postponement. Any team postponing a match shall offer two dates to the opposing team to play the match and in the event of a dispute this will be resolved by the Match Secretary or the Committee.
4.   Knock-Out Competitions are open to all registered players. A registered player is one who has been entered as a team member on the League Entry Form or one who has become registered by playing in a league match. The Landlords' Competition can only be played for by the Landlord and Landlady from a Venue's Public House and the bona fide Steward from a Social Club.
5.   The Captains shall toss for the first, third leg and fifth legs. The Captain losing the toss in the first leg shall have the choice in the second and fourth legs. The winning Captain may put the opposition in first.
6.   Each player shall throw six sticks each. They may throw under or round arm with both feet behind the hocking line at the time the stick leaves the player's hand. When throwing one or three sticks only the number of sticks being thrown may be carried to the hocking. Where handicaps are involved it should be noted that in the event of a three stick leg the difference in the handicaps should be halved and rounded down, e.g. if a side with a handicap of one doll plays a side with a handicap of four dolls in the event of a three stick leg the difference would be three, that would be halved to one and a half which is always rounded down giving a handicap of one doll in a three stick leg. There are no handicap allowances in a one stick leg.
7.   The use of hocking umpires is at the discretion of the Team Captains before the start. The team not throwing must stand well clear allowing the other team a clear space to throw.
8.   The pitch must be 10 yards long from the doll standard. The hocking line must be clearly defined and a distance of 4 feet must be flat and level behind the throwing line. The doll standard must have no padding whatsoever.
9.   The doll should be 30 inches from the ground and stand on a vertical swivel. The swivel is to stand out 6 inches from the standard. The sticks to be a maximum of 18 inches long and a maximum of 2 inch diameter.
10.   The standard doll shall be 6 inches high 3.25 inches in diameter and the base 2 inches in diameter. The doll is to be painted white. This standard doll to be used at all matches. (The Secretary can provide a drawing of the standard doll if required).
11.   All matches to be played as per programme except as outlined in Rules 4 & 15.
12.   Sticker-Up and Caller to be from the team not throwing. The Caller is to assist the Sticker-Up to avoid any delays. Indicate and call each doll as it is scored. Nothing else is to be indicated and the caller's decision is final.
13.   Result cards are to be supplied by the home team. The wining side is to be responsible for posting the completed result card to the Secretary for all matches both League and Cup. These cards must be posted within 48 hours of the match being played.
14.   If League or Cup results are not received within 7 days the match will be awarded against the offending side 3-2. If this problem recurs the matter will be debated by the Committee who have the power to award the match against the offending side 5-0 and to fine the offender.
15.   All matches should be played on or before the appointed date and matches must be played even if teams are short of players. (See Rule 3) All matches must be completed by the last Thursday of the original league programme. If a match is not played the Home Team Captain must post the result card stating why the match was not played. (See Rule 14). Provided that the teams remain largely intact at the commencement of each season the Committee shall, wherever possible, ensure that division winners from the previous season are promoted and that the bottom side be relegated to the next lower division.
16.   All cups must be returned in good condition by 15 August. Clean only in warm water and washing up liquid.
17.   A deposit of £5.00 must accompany any appeal.
18.   Any proposition for an alteration to these Rules must be in the hands of the Secretary not less than 7 days before the AGM.
19.   A player is allowed to sign and play for one team only. A player is considered registered if he is included in the list of players submitted at the start of the season. Any new players must be notified to the Secretary 48 hours prior to either a League or Knock Out Match and disciplinary action will be taken against teams who fail to abide by this Rule. Registration of players closes on 31 July. Any requests for transfers must be in writing to the Secretary by the player and Captain concerned giving good reason for change. The Committee may amend a team's handicap from the date the new player is registered or transferred.
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