Wychwood Aunt Sally League Sponsored by Loddon Brewery & Metal Salvage LTD
Wychwood Aunt Sally LeagueSponsored by Loddon Brewery &Metal Salvage LTD 

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Latest News.........2021 Update



Hi all,

Following the annoucement from our friends over at the Oxford League, we can now confirm that the 2021 Wychwood League has also been abandoned. As we have previously mentioned, we were really hopeful of running some sort of format, but it has become clear that this will just not be possible. The late lifting of the restrictions resutled in such a short amount of time to organise something, coupled with pubs not being able to accommodate action. There is also obvious concerns from players, which is completely understandable. So rather than trying to rush something through, we feel the most sensible decision is to abandon offical action and come back next year, dosed up, virus free and ready for some big scores.


As always, we would like to offer our best wishes to all players, and sincerly hope to see everyone as soon as possible. 


Until that point, stay safe everyone.




THROW IMPROVEMENTS? Please see the below message:

I would like to introduce ourselves, we are Seal Seam Ltd, a tarpauline manufacturer that has been making Aunt Sally sheets for over 60 years.

Made from PVC polyester, with eyelets around the surrounding edge.  We also reinforce the 'black dot' that is attached to the actual sheet for longer wear and tear.

Sheets in stock are:

6ft x 6ft = £89 + VAT

6ft x 8ft = £99 + VAT

9ft x 6ft = £110 + VAT


We can also make bespoke Aunt Sally sheets to suit your needs..

For info please contact Greg or Frank at Seal Seam Ltd on 01844 279377 or frank@seal-seam.co.uk


We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Seal Seam Ltd



With the season now finally arriving, I'll just put out a polite reminder regarding new signings. Let it be known, we are very flexible regarding this (unlike some other leagues!), but there is still a process that must be adhered to! If you wish to register any new players, I MUST be notified at least 24 hours before they can play. A simple text or call will do. If I received result cards that have non-registered players on it then there is a strong chance that the match will be awarded 10-0 to the non-offending team. Each teams list of registered players can be found in '2019 Individual Scores' tabs at the top of the homepage. There are no excuses, and the committee have decided to be strict with this rule this season. 

The other thing to mention is my favourite subject...........RESULT CARDS!!

Play the match, sign the card, take a picture on your phone and send it straight to me! Simple!

Despite everyone knowing this, I still had to spend far too much time chasing late cards last season. The results will be sent into the Oxford Mail, put onto the website and tables updated every Sunday evening, so I need the cards in by then. I make no apologies, or do I enjoy, moaning about late cards and it is up to the team captains to make sure they are sent in promptly. Help me out please teams!

Finally, the committee and I would like to thank you all for signing up to play in our league yet again and we would like to wish each and every one of you good luck. We think we have a great league, and we hope you agree and enjoy it. Let's see what the 2019 season has in store for us...



If anyone requires a receipt for the entry payment, please feel free to drop me a email and I will send one over



We are delighted to announce that Loddon Brewery have yet again agreed to be the sponsor of our league. The brewery is family run, and was founded in 2002 by Chris & Vanessa Hearn, and then commenced brewing in 2003. They are based in a 200 year old converted barn on a working farm in Dunsden Green, Oxfordshire, on the rural estate of Lord Phillimore. They brew traditional British craft beers using the finest raw ingredients. In their range of beers is Hullabaloo, which is 4.2% and is rich,nutty & malty, with a dry hop finish. This is a permanent fixture at The Black Prince, and I can certainly say that it is blooming lovely!! They also produce a mighty fine range of Monthly Specials, all of which are excellent additions to any bar. Please give them a try!

You can contact them on:

Tel: 01189481111

Email: sales@loddonbrewery.com

We are also delighted to say that we have secured a second sponsor for the 2020 season, which is Metal Salvage Ltd, who are buyers of all metal, Demolition Contractors and Machinery & Factory Reclaimation Specialists. They are based on Jackdaw Lane on the Iffley Road in Oxford, Tel: 01865 245834

We are very grateful for the kind donations received from both of our sponsors



If you have any further question, feel free to contact me on:




Cheers, Darren



Just to clarify the process, if you need to postpone a match, you must:

1.Inform the captain or venue of your opponents, ideally at least 24 hours before the match is due to take place

2.Inform the Fixture Secretary


The postponed match should be replayed within 1 month of the original fixture date. Don't forget, you can bring fixtures forwards if required. For example, if you know that half your team is going on holiday at the same time, why not play the fixture before they go?


All contact information for each team can be found on this website


Winning captains, don't forget to send the cards in ASAP!

I can't get the website updated and results in the press unless I have the scorecards sent in!


 New players can still be registered, but beware, this could change your handicap!


 Don't forget, all result scorecards need to be sent to:


 or text a picture of the scorecard to 07817 765678

 or pop them in the post

 Good luck and enjoy!

 Many thanks


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